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Tacoma Rock Sliders 2005+ | Print |
(Heavy-Duty version pictured above)


Key FeaturesTacoma Rear Bumper
  • Angled upward to provide the most possible clearance
  • Signature "Kick-Out" design
  • Improved bolt-on mounting system available with built-in frame support
  • Fully Gusseted for added strength
  • Stout 1.75" x .120 wall domestic steel tubing
  • Easy installation - minimal drilling required
  • Made in USA
Full Product Description
All-Pro Off Road has been an innovator in developing products for the 05+ Tacomas, using decades of extreme off-roading experience. We know that rock sliders must be strong to protect your truck, as well as provide the optimal amount of ground clearance. The rocker panels are one of the most vulnerable areas of your vehicle, so leave it to us to provide you with the protection you need!  We now offer 3 versions of this popular product - Standard-Duty, Heavy-Duty, and Extreme-Duty (APex).
These are no ordinary nerf bars. Our Rock Sliders have been trail tested on some of the most grueling trails around, from the Rubicon to the Hammers and Moab. They are built from USA produced heavy-duty .120" wall tubing.  At All-Pro, we only use domestic steel for our sliders. Most of the steel tubing on the market these days is imported, mostly from China and India, at very attractive prices compared to US manufactured steel. But, we’ve realized you get what you pay for and in order to build the best product, we need to use the best material regardless of cost. We order our steel from US steel mills in large quantities called "mill bundles" so that we can maintain material quality and build a product that is stronger than the competition. By ordering mill bundles, we can specify that the tubing meets our wall thickness requirements.  Steel manufacturers have tolerances and specifications they have to maintain to be certified. However, we have found that over the years, the import suppliers push those limits to the max, so that you do not get what you’re paying for. In fact, most .120" wall import steel only measures .111 to .112", resulting in about 10% less strength and sliders that are made from inadequate material that isn’t what it is advertised to be. So, All-Pro not only supports our own US economy, we are also giving our customers a better, stronger product while doing so!
The shape of the outer tube is very critical and determines how much body protection it will provide as well as how the truck slides along the obstacles without getting hung up.  The outer tubes of the Tacoma Rock Sliders are 1.75" diameter, and angle upward to provide more ground clearance and door protection. The rear of our Rock Sliders extend outward just before the rear wheels to provide extra body protection where it is needed most.  All-Pro was the first to offer this "Kick-Out" design (since 1998) to protect the rear portion of the cab while maneuvering through tight obstacles. You'll be glad you have this feature next time you're wheeling next to a boulder, because as you near the end of the Rock Sliders they will push your truck out and away from danger just in time.  Don't be fooled by other "kick-out" designs that don't offer enough protection or a smooth transition to the "kick-out", like ours do.  Our design was initially ridiculed by competitors mainly because they didn’t understand its function in body protection and how the kick-out can improve the ability to maneuver around an obstacle.  Today, they still don’t understand, but many offer kick-outs merely because of their popularity. However, the design of other kick-outs can actually hinder forward motion of the vehicle by having abrupt angles, and they also lack sufficient body protection with inadequate kick-out sizes. Dubbed 2-stage, 3-stage, bat wings, or whatever they’re called, they all fall short with inferior kick-outs that will likely grab ahold of the obstacle and keep you there.  All-Pro's kick-out design is more gradual and will allow the tube to slide along the rocks and gently push the body away from danger just as it reaches its most vulnerable area, which is the part of the rocker panel and lower cab area just before the rear tire. You want a slider that will actually slide and not one that will grab.
(Standard-Duty pictured above)
Our Standard-Duty Rock Sliders are made entirely of 1.75 x .120 steel tubing with 1/4" thick 4x4" mounting plates. These sliders are a great value considering they have the same outer structure as our higher priced offerings. They can be bolted-on (frame drilling required), but if intended to be used as slider rather than just a step, we recommend welding them on. Once welded, they are strong enough to hold the weight of the vehicle and make a great hi-lift jacking point!
Our Heavy-Duty Rock Sliders feature an innovative L-shaped bracket that attaches the back 3 legs and runs down the frame, adding support to the weaker C-channel portion of the Tacoma's frame while allowing for an easier bolt-on installation. Rock Sliders mount with the included grade 8 hardware including countersunk bolts that are flush with the bottom surface, since exposed bolt heads can be easily mangled by rocks. Pinch flange notching may be required due to slight variations between vehicles, and minimal drilling is needed for proper installation.
For the legs, All-Pro uses fully gusseted 2" square legs due to the higher resistance to bending when compared to round tubing In fact, the square legs are 1.7 times more resistant to bending than are 2" round legs. To get the equivalent strength out of round tubing, 3" would have to be used, and there simply isn't enough room to do that. The legs run from the mounting points to the outer structure and are one of the most important parts of the slider to ensure a long life without the worry of bending. The square legs are more expensive, but the extra cost pays off for the user for years to come. The square tubing also provides more surface area to be welded to the mounting plate, which again, just adds to the overall strength.
Our Extreme-Duty Rock Sliders are an addition to our expanding All-Pro Expedition (APEX) product line, these rock sliders are unmatched in quality, durability, design and function. These sliders offer the same features as our heavy-duty sliders, but are made from hefty 1.75 x .125 wall DOM steel tubing for the outer structure with 2" square legs that are fully gusseted.  They also feature a full-length mounting L-bracket that captures existing holes in the side of your frame with minimal drilling only on the underside using the included countersunk bolts for a smooth surface with no bolts exposed.  Also included is a one-piece CNC laser cut .134" steel fill plate with dimple die holes and the APEX logo on the kickout portion. 
apex slider

(Extreme-Duty APex Series pictured above)
All-Pro Rock Sliders also serve as a convenient lifting point. A High-Lift jack can be used anywhere along the bar to lift one or both wheels. All Rock Sliders come unpainted so you may paint or powdercoat in the color of your choice.

Optional Fill Plates
Click To EnlargeAll-Pro Rock Sliders can now be ordered with optional Fill Plates. These plates are welded in to the upper surface of the Rock Slider,creating a step-like surface to aid in entering and exiting the vehicle, so you won't have to worry about kids or pets getting their foot or leg caught between the tubes. Plates are CNC laser cut from 1/8" plate steel, and dimple-died to add rigidity and great looks.


Heavy Duty vs. Apex Sliders
sliders.apex.vs.hd web

(Heavy Duty on the Left, Apex on the the Right) 


Pricing & Ordering

All-Pro Standard Duty Rock Sliders for 05+ Double Cab Shortbeds & Access Cabs (Unpainted) $389/pr 2005T-AP-05-A  
All-Pro Heavy Duty Rock Sliders for '05+ Double Cab Shortbeds and Access Cabs (Unpainted) $499/pr 2005T-AP-05-BO-KT
Optional 80" Dimple Die Fill Plates (Unpainted) +$129/pr 2005T-AP-PL Add in Cart
APEX Series Extreme Duty 80" Tacoma Bolt-On Rock Sliders, Plated for '05+ Dbl Cab SB & Access Cabs (Unpainted) $699/pr 2005-APEX   
05+ Tacoma Heavy Duty  Double Cab Long Bed Rock Sliders (Unpainted) $549/pr 2005T-AP-DCLB buynow
 Optional Dimple Die Fill plates for Double Cab Long Bed   (unpainted) $149/pr  2005T-AP-DCLB-AFP Add in Cart 

APEX Series Extreme Duty Tacoma Bolt-On Rock Sliders for '05+  Double Cab Long Bed (Unpainted)                                   **MUST BE SHIPPED TRUCK FREIGHT**


2005T-APEX-DCLB calltoorder
Technical Data

Standard-Duty: All HREW 1.75 x .120 wall steel tubing with 1/4" thick 4x4" mounting plates

Heavy-Duty: HREW 1.75" x .120 wall steel tubing; 3/16" steel mounting brackets, 2" square tube legs; optional .134" fill plates

APEX: DOM 1.75" x .125 wall steel tubing; 3/16" steel mounting brackets, 2" square tube legs,  included .134" fill plates

Hardware: Grade 8 Included
Standard Duty  - 82 lbs. (pair)
Heavy Duty 120 lbs + 20 lbs for fill plates
APEX Extreme Duty   - 140 lbs (pair)
Dimensions: 80" L (80x20x10" - for shipping)
Customer Testimonials
The Parts and Install:
When I received the sliders from All-Pro Off Road the first impression of them is that they are very beefy. Looking at the L-Bracket Mounting system I really liked the Idea of the weight of all the slider being taken into one brace, making them stronger for mounting and off road abuse. Mounting the sliders was a simple installation, even with out instruction or diagrams. I used a floor jack and some C-clamps and was off to the races. The whole process took 3 hours, first slider took about 2 hours (since I’ve never installed anything like this) second one was easy.
General View:
From a far all you seem to see is this black bar on the bottom of the truck, little do people know that it’s your number one protection for off road use. I know I’ve heard a lot of people complain about sliders that stick out too far passed the cab and in my opinion these aren’t too wide or too narrow. Even my girlfriend hasn’t complained about them getting in the way, and if she doesn’t mind them I’m sure they’ll be fine for everyone else.
Off road use:
Only done some mild wheeling since the install of the sliders, but the kick-out’s have already saved me from dragging along a few tree on some tight trails. Needless to say I’m very happy that I have them!
Well I haven’t done any “official” testing, but my mechanic and welding shop were very impressed with the quality of them. I used to a Hi-Lift for testing, and there is virtually no movement that you could see or detect the mounting system didn’t seem to bend or warp or budge. I would recommend these All-Pro Sliders to anyone, a very sturdy product!!
~Max Tittaferrante
"Finally got my sliders in, painted, and installed. Just wanted to send a big thanks to All Pro for the killer deal, great service, and awesome product."
Frequently Asked Questions
Q:How far do the sliders stick out past the side of the truck?
A: Tacoma Rock Sliders stick out approximately 3.5" from the front door seam. At the rear "kick-out", it extends to about 7" from the rear door seam.
Q:What vehicle modifications are required for installation?
A: To correctly mount the Tacoma Rock Sliders some frame drilling or welding is required, see instructions. Also minor pinch flange notching may be required - there needs to be at least a 1/4'' gap.
Q:How should I prep these and what paint should I use?
A: Clean with paint thinner, prime, then paint with Rustoleum, Krylon, or the equivalent paint in the color of your choice.
Q:Is powder coat available?
A: Powder coat is available for local pick-up only, call for pricing.
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