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Being the innovators of the solid axle swap kit for the 86-95 Toyota Trucks and 4Runners, All-Pro Off Road has now developed a solid axle conversion kit for Toyota Tacomas using coil-overs and a 3-link system with a panhard. Our kit's components are designed to work with the legendary Currie Rock Jock 60 front axle. If you are using a Diamond Axle, a Grand Wagoneer Dana 44 front axle it will take additional modification to make work. Please note that we cannot support technical information on anything other than the Rock Jock 60 front axle. This kit was featured on the 'Taco Supreme' in the July '06 issue of Off-Road Magazine.

Complete Taco Supreme Kit


Get the beefy Rock Jock 60 front axle complete with Wilwood brakes and all the steering components including Hy-Steer, PLUS the Link and Bracket Kit with Walker Evans Coil-overs, and gear ratio of your choice with Detroit Locker - ONLY $7,999 - that's over 10% savings off of individual component pricing!

Currie Rock Jock 60 Front Axle Assembly $4,899.00
Walker Evans 2.0 Non-Reservoir Coil-Overs $699.00
Ring & Pinion Gears, Detroit Locker, Setup Kit & Labor $1,399.00
Tacoma SAS Steering Kit $749.00
Basic Link and Bracket Kit (Parts listed below) $1,299.00


Add-Ons & Upgrades

FOX 2.0 Performance Series IFP Smooth Body, Universal Eyelet Shocks 12" $127.50 ea.
FOX 2.0 Performance Series IFP Smooth Body, Universal Eyelet Shocks 10" $127.50 ea.
Upgrade to Walker Evans 2.0 Adjustable Remote Reservoir Coil-overs $200.00
Upgrade to Walker Evans 2.5 Non-Reservoir Coil-overs $350.00
Upgrade to Walker Evans 2.5 Remote-Reservoir Coil-overs $600.00
Replace Detroit locker with an ARB Airlocker $200.00
Add Rear Suspension kit $449.00

Basic Link & Bracket Kit Components

Shock Towers (pair) 3806-AP-PR $179.00
Lower Shock Mounts (pair) 3808-AP-PR $29.00
Engine Crossmember 3805T-AP $69.00
Panhard Bar w/Heims 3812T-AP $199.00
Upper Link w/Heims 3813T-AP $239.00
Lower Links w/Johnny Joint Ends (2 per kit - priced each) 3806T-AP $139.00
Panhard Frame Bracket 3803T-AP $49.00
Lower Panhard Bracket 3803T-AP-L $29.00
PS Frame Link Bracket 3801T-AP $79.00
PS Lower Link Bracket 3801T-AP-L $29.00
DS Frame Link Bracket 3802T-AP $129.00
DS Lower Link Bracket 3802T-AP-L $29.00
Upper Link Housing Bracket 3809T-AP $19.00


Download Taco Supreme SAS Installation Instructions

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