Brownie Build

The All-Pro Off-Road APex1 truck is a purpose built 4×4 vehicle designed to explore North America’s scenic and extreme terrain. From some of the gnarliest black diamond trails to scenic mountain ranges–Bundrant will hand build and modify this 2012 Toyota Tacoma to be able to handle a multitude of terrains.

Test fitting brownie with the 37’s installed. Also did the rear fender mod and removed 2.5″

We have sparked quite the discussion on fitting 37’s. It is no easy task as some of you have realized and tackled already – more modification will be needed and we will be updating you all as we go but…

We want to step back though and kind of clear up the overall purpose of this build.

This is an Overland Style build, not a Crawler. So even though the suspension will get put to work going through rough terrain in the back country it will also be a comfortable daily driver so if you wanted to take a long road trip and not be beat up by a typical SAS you can. This will not be put through the rigors (on purpose) of what a typical “crawler” would which is why we kept this an IFS build with our LT kit.

Here are a few shots going through some trails at TDS.
This was our first chance to really test the rub points of the tires. We will keep you all updated on what we come up with for easy solutions on the rubbing.

We got our FrontRunner Slimline2 rack installed!!

With some modification to the dbl cab mounting brackets from FrontRunner we were able to get the clean, stealth and subtle look on our access cab.

For those interested in this modification:
* We are working with FrontRunner to potentially offer this bracket already modified (not currently available though unless you modify it yourself).
* You have to be willing to drill 4 mounting holes in your cab because the access cabs have no factory holes.