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FJ Cruiser/ 05+ Tacoma Long Travel Suspension | Print |

Key Features

  • 2" extended tubular 4130 Chromoly upper A-arms with a 1.25" Teflon-lined uniball for maximum travel & strength and zerk fittings for easy bushing lubrication.
  • 2" extended tubular 4130 Chromoly lower A-Arms with Billet CNC uniball adapter connector and bumpstop contact point – this strong design provides the utmost in off-road function and durability.
  • Optional heavy-duty Chromoly steering system with top quality 3 piece chromoly heim joints – allowing for increased droop.
  • Extended stainless steel braided brake lines, DOT approved.
  • Heavy-duty spindle gussets.
  • Made in USA 

Full Product Description

Click To Enlarge

All-Pro Off Road’s Long Travel IFS suspension system for 05+ Tacoma's, 03+ 4Runners, and 07+ FJ Cruisers, is now available at a more affordable price. Get 12” of wheel travel with our 2” wider per side kit! From the rocks to the sand, this all-terrain long travel kit does it all without sacrificing comfort, quality, and performance. Make getting to the trail head part of the fun!

We have determined that 4" wider overall provides optimal wheel travel for most off-roaders – it's ideal for 33" tires, fiberglass fenders aren't necessary, and it's not too wide for those tight trails. Toyota provided a great platform to start with, but All-Pro’s kit provides the added performance needed to tackle the tougher trails, yet retain a smooth ride both on and off road. Tested on some of the hardest trails around, including the Hammers, Rubicon, and Moab, the All-Pro LT kit is built tough!

The All-Pro kit contains the same high quality components, but now at a new lower price. The increased popularity of our kits has allowed us to purchase in larger volumes and then pass that savings on to our customers. We have also made the heavy-duty steering optional for those who want to retain their sealed factory steering components, further reducing the price.

We attribute the success of our LT kit to our superior quality and performance, and because we have the most complete kit for the price. Unlike other offerings, our kit is TIG welded and includes spindle gussets and high angle CV boots (for 4WDs) at no additional charge.

Our 2” wider Upper Control Arms feature an industry leading 1.25” uniball for maximum articulation. We use heat treated stainless steel misalignment spacers to adapt the uniball to Click To Enlargethe factory spindle. The UCAs pivot on polyurethane bushings and have zerk fittings for easy lubrication. Our A-Arms are made from fully gusseted 4130 chromoly material and are TIG welded, not MIG welding like competing brands (see FAQ's below defining the difference between these processes).

Our Lower Control Arms are also made from TIG welded 4130 chromoly and feature a 1” uniball that replaces the factory lower ball joint. Our LCA's incorporate a reinforced bumpstop contact point and lower shock mount.

Click To EnlargeWe now provide tie rod extensions that will allow you to extend your factory steering system for use with our LT kit. This is a great option for those who live in wet climates and want to keep the steering rack sealed. We also offer a heavy-duty steering kit that features an extended DOM tie rod with ¾” heim joint ends for the utmost in strength.


Pricing & Ordering

All-Pro Long Travel Suspension(Includes: Upper A-Arms, Lower A-Arms, Tie Rod Extentions, Brake Lines, Spindle Gussets) $2,449 3520-AP-LT-KT
FOX 2.5 LT Coilover Remote Reservoir - DSC Adjuster $1,895 FOX-882-06-532
FOX 2.5 LT Coilover Remote Reservoir $1,595 FOX-882-02-532 2
Walker Evans 2.5 LT Coilover Non Reservoir $1,195 WE-725-00-375 2
Walker Evans 2.5 LT Coilover Remote Reservoir $1,495 WE-725-08-375 2
All-Pro Coilover Adapter Kit $129 3525-AP 2
TACOMA / FJ RCV Ultimate IFS CV Axles $1,995 RCV-CVIFS-TOY2-PRO calltoorder
05+ Tacoma Extended Axles $495 CE-AP-6305 2
07+ FJ Cruiser Extended Axles $495 CE-AP-6307 2
05+ Tacoma/07+ FJ Cruiser Front Bumpstops $195 3700-TIM-F 2


FOX 2.5 Factory Series Coil-Over Reservior - DSC Adjuster

Before any of our shocks reach production, they've had to stand the test of time and live up to incredible abuse by the fastest athletes in racing. We push the boundaries to give you that same precise control and race-proven performance you can feel. Our bolt-on Factory Series Coil-over Reservoir shocks provide improved damping in any terrain. Coil-over shocks provide suspension damping and suspend the weight of the vehicle. Dual Speed Compression (DSC) adjuster gives remarkable versatility and precise tuning. A simple twist of either two adjuster knobs allows twelve separate low-speed and ten high-speed compression levels. The integrated coil spring can be adjusted for preload and ride height and come pre-set to level your vehicle right out of the box. Experience for yourself the incredible performance and precise control that Factory Series Coil-overs Reservoir shocks deliver.


Body: 2.5" Smooth bore and honed seamless alloy bodies
Body Plating: Zinc-plated and double-clear coated for long lasting finish
External Reservoir: 2.5" Smooth bore 6061-T6 Aluminum is hard anodized black
Components: Black-anodized, CNC-machined 6061-T6 billet aluminum
Spring: Application specific, adjustable 3.0 Eibach® racing springs
Shaft: 7/8" hardened NitroSteel® Steel carbon shafts
Piston: 6061-T6 hard-anodized, high flow aluminum piston
Valving: Application specific valving to maximize performance
Seals: Redundant sealing pack system main seal, wiper seal, scraper seal
Oil: JM92 Advanced Suspension Fluid for improved performance at variable temperatures
Bearing: PTFE-lined, heat-treated, alloy steel spherical
Mounting: Direct replacement for stock and aftermarket lifts kits


Coilover Shocks
All-Pro Off Road offers either Walker Evans or Fox Racing coilover shock packages that are specifically designed for use with our Long Travel kit. Instead of using a generic 8” travel shock, we have them built to the correct length with internal stops, eliminating the need for limit straps. Both systems feature race-inspired 2.5" body high quality coilover shocks, springs and upper mounts that fit into the factory towers.



Click To Enlarge Coilover Adapters
We are the only company to offer a billet aluminum adapter so that you can use your existing aftermarket coilovers with our LT kit. It is a good way to get the additional travel, track width and strength of our LT kit, without having to buy new coilovers up front. You can always upgrade to the LT specific coilovers at a later date to gain an additional 1” of travel. We also offer a trade-in program as well, giving you market value for your used coilovers as credit towards the LT version.


RCV Ultimate IFS CV Axles

RCV Ultimate IFS CV Axles are designed to overcome the limitations of stock IFS axle shafts. Ultimate IFS CV Axles provide increased range of articulation for vehicles modified with a lift kit or long-travel suspension, and provide strength that original equipment axle shafts just can't match. Even when running big tires, and big power. While our Patented Spherical Sealing Technology provides much greater resistance to punctures and tears than rubber CV boots. Ultimate IFS CV Axles are low maintenance, and are backed with a "No Questions Asked" limited lifetime warranty. Our IFS CV axles meet and exceed the strength of a straight axle swap, while allowing you to maintain the traction, smoothness and control of your IFS. Ultimate IFS CV Axles are race proven, and used by racers in XRRA, Off Road Racing, and the TORC series. Put the power down with confidence!


Click To EnlargeChromoly Axle Shafts

Our extended heat treated 4340 chromoly axle shafts, made by Currie Enterprises, are required for 4x4 applications. They are inserted into the factory inner and outer CV's to retain 4WD. Please specify vehicle when ordering.



Timbern Bumpstops

All-Pro has teamed up with Timbren SES to offer an upgraded bumpstop for use with our LT kit, or even stock arms. They are made of a softer compound than their usual offerings for weight carrying, and they provide a smoother, stop than the factory bumpstop without needlessly limiting travel. Recommended for 33”+ tires.

Click To Enlarge



Max tire size without fiberglass fenders: 285/75/16 or 285/70/R17 (33")
Max wheel backspacing: 4.5”
Alignment specs: Tie = factory; Camber = factory; Caster = 3-4 degrees


Technical Data

Material:  Mostly 4130 Chromoly Steel Arms
Hardware:  Grade 8 hardware included as needed, uses factory bolts & pivots
Weight:  95lbs (Upper & Lower Arms, Axles, Steering, Gussets)


Frequently Asked Questions

Q:What is the benefit of TIG welding vs. MIG welding?

A: TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) welding was developed for the aircraft industry and is the preferred method of welding Chromoly (chromium-molybdenum) material. We utilize TIG welding on all of our A-Arms even though it is a slower process that requires greater skill since it eliminates the porosity, splatter, and slag that are common with the faster process of MIG (Metal Inert Gas) welding. TIG also produces heat that is confined between the weld and base material, producing a narrow heat affected zone, thus reducing stress, cracking, and distortion.

Q:What is 4130 Chromoly?

A:The term Chromoly is short for chromium-molybdenum steel, with 4130 being the AISI code that definesthe chemical composition. 4130 Chromoly is a high tensile strength material that is commonly used in race applications, from roll cages to suspension components.


Customer Testimonials

Click To Enlarge

The Parts & Install Review:

The All-Pro Long Travel Kit includes some really beefy looking parts. The UCA's look very similar to the regular All-Pro UCA's just wider. The LCA's are really beefy as they are some solid pieces of art. You can see the Lower uni-ball that allows for more travel. The stronger steering linkages are really nice looking pieces and look fairly beefy as well.

The On-Road review:

On the road....all I can say is AMAZING! The Fox shocks are set up to soak up the larger bumps really well.

On the first test run, oriontaco, JJ and myself hit some speed bumps about 4" at 50K/h and barely felt it through the front but did feel a little kick from the leafs out back. Driving over the pothole littered road it was very controlled and the shocks did a great job of soaking up the initial hit.

On the loading ramp the All-Pro LT kit almost got the same point as the 81 with Marlin's 4" leaf kit. This is pretty impressive!

Off-Road Review:

We did a pre-run of the Crowsnest pass for our members upcoming end of July two day trip. I was impressed with the compliance of suspension over the really rough cattle guards and washboards. On the drive down we were really tame only traveling 60-80k/h, however on the ride back it was full on drifting and 90-120k/h. At speed over these really large potholes around the cattle guards I couldn't really feel them. We arrived into Crowsnest and proceeded up towards Airplane. The trail is about a medium as there are some rocks, loose rocks, roots, mud, and river crossings. In some parts where there were some really nice ruts, it felt almost as though I was in the 81 with a solid axle. The travel is smooth and the front stays level due to the added droop of the long travel.

I'm really impressed with how it's made a pretty significant difference to how the truck handles obstacles on the trail. It's pretty confidence inspiring as you don't get that dip in that IFS trucks have. The truck likes to stay level now similar to a solid axle set up.



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