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    It's a well known fact among hard core Toyota lovers that a 1985 truck or 4Runner is the most desirable to have.  It was the first year for the fuel injected 22RE engine and the last year of the straight axle front end.  The problem is there are only so many 85 trucks to go around and the demand for them is ever increasing.  It has become obvious that converting IFS trucks to solid axle makes for the best of both worlds. This way you can have a comfy , reliable and powerful V6 newer truck and the off-road capability that the solid axle brings.


    The conversion works out great, you get the strength, reliability and wheel travel of the Toyota straight axle with the creature comforts of the newer model vehicles.  It is one of the biggest improvements you can  make to your 86 to 95 IFS truck or 4Runner.  One of the first things you'll notice when wheelin? is the tires will stay in contact with the ground a lot more with the straight axle because of the increased wheel travel, the vehicle is much more stable.  You'll also have a greater choice of front locking differentials with the straight axle and stronger gears and axles also.

    There are kits available to increase the wheel travel of an IFS truck, some work well and some don't.  The well designed ones work great for high speed fire roadn? and desert pre-runnin?   but they are not the answer for trail riding and rock crawlin?.  As your suspension compresses with an independent front end, your differential gets closer to the ground, causing clearance problems. When your suspension compresses on a straight axle truck the differential ground clearance increases, there is no way to get around this on an IFS truck so it will never out perform a straight axle on a rocky trail.

    You can retain the stock steering box by converting to cross over steering at the same time.   About the only disadvantage with the straight axle conversion is you might notice the highway ride is not quite as smooth.  But its a small price to pay for the improvements you gain off-road.

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